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Robert Hopkins' Testimonial

Dan, thanks for another engaging presentation to business leaders here in central Arkansas. The feedback I have received following your many talks has been overwhelmingly positive. My constituents always find your preparation and presentation professional, your data and analysis timely, your unique opinions insightful, and your humor welcomed. They walk away reassessing their views regarding economic conditions and/or the important financial and economic issues confronting our nation today. The messages you have delivered through the years enabled them to make better decisions. I hope you will continue to make Little Rock an annual stop on your speaking schedule; we benefit greatly.

Robert Hopkins

Ray C. Dillon's Testimonial

Dan, I want to thank you for your unique and insightful presentation on the U.S. economy. Of all of the economic presentations I have heard over the past few years, yours are the most insightful, straightforward, and the easiest to understand. I especially appreciate that you support your opinions with both logic and facts. You have an uncanny knack for discussing the complex economic and financial challenges that face the nation today with candor and humor. I am certain that anyone who hires you as a consultant or speaker will be very glad they did.

Best wishes,
Ray C. Dillon
President and CEO
Deltic Timber Cbrporation
El Dorado, AR